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MySign® S, the original –setting new standards in pulse oximetry
MySign® S from EnviteC is an intelligent solution for non-invasive vital
sign monitoring – an easy-to-use monitor that provides exceptionallyaccurate readings.

     The innovative MySign® S pulse oximeter measures arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate, and plethysmographic pulse waves. The monitor can be used as a portable or stationary device in emergency medical services, rescue situations, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, and outpatient settings.

     With its sophisticated design, MySign® S guarantees ease of use, outstanding robustness, and exceptional performance. It was specially developed to meet the needs and wishes of our customers down to the last detail. This is how MySign® S has set new standards in pulse oximetry

High performance in all areas –facilitates accurate diagnosesand monitoring

          Modern medical technology can be an important aid when tailored to the requirements of your working environment.

          This is exactly what MySign® S can offer. It supports you by providing reliable data on the patient’s oxygen saturation level and has been designed to meet the special needs of various application areas: inpatient and outpatient care, emergency medicine, patient transport, sleep laboratories, nursing homes, rehabilitation, and home-based care


Form follows function –  the core principle of good design

     As a brilliant example of this principle, MySign S was able to convince the jury of international experts of the reddot Design Award 2013 even before its market launch. This product also carries the internationally recognized quality seal Made in Germany.

  • Small, lightweight, and ergonomicallydesigned,MySign S fits your hand comfortable.
  • Day or night, the rotating, backlit TFT display is easy to read from any angle.
  • The device is especially easy and safe to operate. Icons and an  intuitive user interface provide a clear overview of the various functions and their controls, independent of language.
  • One special advantage is the universal mounting concept, which allows for quick and easy attachment to rail systems, beds, IV poles, and tables. Therefore, the handheld unit can be quickly converted to a bedside monitor.
  • Thanks to its extremely impact-resistant housing and robust internal components, MySign S is ideal for daily use and has a long service life
  • A heart for nature: long-life rechargeable batteries, no battery waste, low cost, environmentally friendly.

                          MySign® S – for maximum hygiene without compromise

Infection prevention in hospitals, nursing homes, and other patient-care facilities is a top priority for us as a manufacturer and distributor of medical devices

          In the development of its new monitoring system, EnviteC gave special consideration to hygiene-related factors. As a result, all products in the MySign® S line offer clear advantages with respect to hygiene.

• Smooth surfaces and seamless joints offer less contact surface for microbial growth and ensure ease of cleaning for the effective chemical disinfection of the monitor, preventing contact contamination

• The impact and water resistant design completely eliminates the need for protective covers, which can provide additional breeding sites for pathogens



Technical specification
Measuring range 

Saturation (SpO2) 1 – 100%

Pulse rate (PR) 0 – 300 BPM

Perfusion index (PI) 0.1 – 20


Saturation +/- 2% (70 – 100%, without motion artifacts)

Pulse frequency +/- 3 BPM (30 – 250 BPM, without motion artifacts


Data update rate: once every 300 ms

Plethysmogram: amplitude = 75% of the measuring range

Operating  Temperature 0°C – 40°C (32°F – 104°F)
Operating Humidity 15 – 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Ambient Pressure 700 – 1060 hPa
Storage Temperature -25°C – 70°C (-13°F – 158°F)
Battery   Li-ion 3.6 V 2900 mAh

me per charge > 18 hours (at standard settings)

 > 24 hours (when auto-off function is switched on

and at lowest brightness setting for display)


Mini-USB Type B, Protection Class II

 Input: AC 110 V – 230 V / 50 – 60 Hz / 125 mA, Output: DC 5 V / min. 1 A / < 15 W

 IEC 60601-1 / IEC 60950-1

Use of device while battery is charging Full functionality maintained
Display  2.8" multicolor TFT
Dimensions (device) 160 x 72 x 39 mm / 6¼ x 2¾ x 1½ inch (H x W x D)
Protection class IP 54
Impact resistance  IK 05
Weight Approx. 320 g (with sensor*)
Interface USB 2.0 (Mini-USB Type B connector)
Alarm functions Monitoring of alarm limits and device functions (optical and acoustic
Alarm limits (adjustable)

 Adjustable between:


Upper limit: 51% – 100% SpO2

 Lower limit: 50% – 99% SpO2


 Upper limit: 31 – 250 BPM

Lower limit: 30 – 249 BPM

Alarm volume  55 – 75 dB(A)
Pulse tone Tone pitch variable (depending on measured SpO2 value)
Application indicator  Period 0 – 8 hours
Data storage

 Max. 96 hours at a trend storage interval of 10 seconds

(trend storage interval adjustable from 5 – 60 seconds)

 readings, date, time, alarm limits, events

Personalization Device and data set in connection with MySign® software (e.g. name, ward, patient ID)
Electrical safety Class II, Type BF
MDD class   Iib
Conformity   CE 0123
Standards                  The device complies with the requirements of MDD 93/42/EEC for medical devices  and the applicable standards (e.g. ISO 80601-2-61) and directives.
                  Also in compliance with:
                                                     DIN EN 1789 Medical vehicles and their equipment – Road ambulances
  * with SoftTip® R-3211-12 MySign®
All specifications apply to standard conditions:
Ambient pressure 1013 hPa, 25°C dry ambient air.


Pulse Oximeters - MySign® S New!

• Highly robust design for optimal handling

• Strong performance for reliable monitoring

• Monitor solution for highest hygiene requirement

PN Description  Lenght
1002060  without sensor  
Miscellaneous Accessories - MySign® S
PN Description  Lenght








Integrated stand- MySign®

Clamp MySign®- MySign

Software- MySign®

Rechargeable battery- MySign® 3.7V/2900mAh

Power supply unit- MySign® Mini USB 5V / min. 1 A

CD- MySign® S

Data Cable- USB2.0 Type A/Mini-B







1,5 m

Sensors with direct connection - MySign® S
PN Description  Lenght

















SoftTip® large- R-3211-12plus MySign®

SoftTip® large- R-3211-31plus MySign®

SoftTip® medium- RM-3211-12plus MySign®

SoftTip® medium- RM-3211-31plus MySign®

SoftTip® small- RS-3211-12plus MySign®

SoftTip® small- RS-3211-31plus MySign®

SoftTip® large- R-3211-12 MySign®

SoftTip® large- R-3211-31 MySign®

SoftTip® medium- RM-3211-12 MySign®

SoftTip® medium- RM-3211-31 MySign®

SoftTip® small- RS-3211-12 MySign®

SoftTip® small- RS-3211-31 MySign®

FingerClip- F-3211-12 MySign®

FingerClip- F-3211-31 MySign®

Ear Sensor- ES-3211-12 MySign®

Ear Sensor- ES-3211-31 MySign®

1,2 m

2,95 m

1,2 m

2,95 m

1,2 m

2,95 m

1,2 m

2,95 m

1,2 m

2,95 m

1,2 m

2,95 m

1,2 m

2,95 m

1,2 m

2,95 m

Sensors with adapter cable connection - MySign® S
PN Description  Lenght













Extension and Adapter Cable- X-4211-1 MySign®

Extension and Adapter Cable- X-4211-3 MySign®

SoftTip® large- R-3212-9plus MySign®

SoftTip® medium- RM-3212-9plus MySign®

SoftTip® small- RS-3212-9plus MySign®

SoftTip® large- R-3212-9 MySign®

SoftTip® medium- RM-3212-9 MySign®

SoftTip® small- RS-3212-9 MySign®

FingerClip- F-3212-9 MySign®

Ear Sensor- ES-3212-9 MySign®

Disposable Sensor- DA-2211-1 MySign®

Disposable Sensor- DP-2211-2 MySign®

1 m

3 m

0,9 m

0,9 m

0,9 m

0,9 m

0,9 m

0,9 m

0,9 m

0,9 m

0,45 m

0,45 m